Red Bull - Coulthard VS Taxi

Coulthard VS Taxi

The highest top speed recorded in Formula 1 is 372.6km/h.
The highest top speed recorded of a South African iTekisi is… unknown.

Who will win?

Lead Agency: Iconic
Director: Timothy Weyer & Andrew Kirkby
Offline Editor: Andrew Kirkby
Online Editor: Timothy Weyer
Grade: Kyle Stroebel (Refinery)
DOP: Deon Van Zyl
Cine: Josh Rowe
Cine: Kevin Schnider
Executive Producer: Keane Balt
Senior Producer: Kirby Kruger
Production Partner: MoonSport
David Coulthard
Jason Goliath
Sne Dladla
Red Bull Racing
Will K. Hobson
Murray Loubser