Eyeforce Cape Town

Our established Cape Town office takes us back to the start of Eyeforce and back to the city where we produced our first film nearly ten years ago.

With two offices across the two hemispheres Eyeforce is capable of producing content all year round – seamlessly moving between the European summer and African summer in search of the perfect setting for our next project. 


The World in One Place

Southern Africa is renowned for its filmmaking and production potential. Experience breathtaking landscapes that seem to be worlds apart – water, air, deserts, forests, rivers, mountains, beaches, cities – all in one place.

Cape Town has approximately 5 000 identified film locations and research indicates that the city can double as 80% of the world. Perfect for replicating different parts of the globe for shoots of all kinds.

With a total of 4 000 kms of coastline stretching along the southern tip of Africa, the region showcases the endless possibilities that exist for filmmakers to produce unique content in naturally diverse locations.

Versatile, Cost-Effective and International Quality

The region of Southern Africa is versatile, cost-effective and offers a range of high quality production services.

Many different races call this their home – creating a wealth of diversity. African, American, Mixed Race, Indian, Mediterranean, Caucasian, European and Asian races can be found here –  a melting pot of ethnicity.

With regards to the bottom line, it is 40% cheaper to produce films in Southern Africa than in Europe and the USA.

The strength of the local film industry lies in its structural diversity, accessibility and production costs.

Back to Our Roots

With the notion of Eyeforce’s roots being firmly grounded in sports, travel, action and adventure there seems to be no better place to call our new home than Southern Africa.

The vast landscapes and majestic scenes provide an epic backdrop for some of the world’s best athletes to showcase their skills and push themselves to the next level.